Thursday, April 16, 2015

Xenophobia a crime against humanity....

It is so very troubling to see the recurrence of xenophobic violence sweeping our streets, city centers, and our communities. Last night eNCA (also referred to as eNews Channel Africa) is a 24-hour television news broadcaster focusing on South African and African stories) provided a direct translation by Zulu academics of the remarks made by King Goodwill Zwelithini. According to some reports The Good King's remarks have been a source to fuel these recent evil xenophobia based crimes against humanity in South Africa. Provided that the translation of the Good King's sentiments are correctly decoded, then as a free South African my thoughts are that the Good King has been quite evil, malicious and villainous in describing foreign nationals as ants to be left out in the sun, or lice which we must be rid of! As a reconciliation activist I call on my reconciliation community to speak up and speak out against these xenophobic crimes against humanity, in and amongst our communities, our families, our faith and religious spaces, and our work places. Let's shut down irregular ideas, thoughts, actions and behaviors that demean, and diminish foreign nationals in our beloved South Africa. Foreign nationals who reside in South Africa are our people, and we must ensure that we together maintain an inclusive culture that is affirming of all culture, race, language, religion, gender, nationality and abilities. Let your voice be heard, and let's make our effort to stamp out intolerance of any kind! Sincerely, Seth Naicker, Reconciliation Entrepreneur, @ indiAfrique

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