Monday, September 3, 2012

Building a non-racial society through multi-racialism, anti-racism & reconciliation!

To build a non racial society we ought to be recognizing the social construct of racism, and acknowledging that racism in its passive and active forms are still plaguing our society. Apartheid, slavery. Colonialism and post colonialism has taught us the social techniques to recognize people based on their outer appearance, their color, their hair, their sound and accent. From recognition and acknowledgment that we are a racialized society, we ought to propel the opportunity for people to become anti-racist or an anti-racism agents, who are required in the everyday practice of living for, or toward the dream of realizing a non-racial society. Multi-racialism I believe also has a role, for the journey that we embark toward non-racialism cannot be realized when we have no focus on building a multi-racial/multiethnic/multicultural society. Moving from a racist apartheid South Africa requires us to be in spaces and places where multi-racial/ethic/cultural peoples are able to live, work and be in with comfort. Journeying towards non-racialism requires people to stumble through the chaos of a multi-racial society being true to our difference, as we journey on into a place where our difference grows dim in the luminous darkness of our social engagement and enrichment of our diversity unrestrained. Being a student and life long learner of reconciliation. I would suggest that a reconciliation framework, ideology and way of being is strategically the selected underpinning approach upon which a non-racial society is anchored and built.