Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At the close of the Football for Hope Festival 2010

In the air is a sweet symphony of people affirming this wonderful achievement, where South Africa has hosted the Football World Cup in Africa, and more especially the awesome effort of organizing and delivering the Football for Hope Festival 2010, in Alexandra Johannesburg. People who worked tirelessly to deliver this world class event have given of their time, talents and treasure to ensure that this event was delivered with excellence.
It has been a once in a life time opportunity to be a part of a team of people who worked together to ensure that the 11th stadium of the Football World Cup 2010 and all related programming and operations in Alexandra were on par with the excellence and magnanimous achievements of thee other 10 stadia. For those privileged to be a part of the festival organizing team of the Football for Hope Festival 2010, we know and appreciate the symbolism of having a township host a world class event.
As the closing ceremony of the Football for Hope Festival 2010 came to its finality, there was dancing and celebration of young leaders who will go forward to be social change agents and propel development through football in their 40 some odd countries around the world. It was a moment to behold seeing people from a great diversity of language, ethnicity, class, gender, culture and religion celebrating the moment and success of work that has been done, and work that will continue on through young leaders and their passion to see development through football bring social change in their respective localities and nations.
Being present and intimately active in the preparation, strategic engagement and delivery of the Football for Hope Festival 2010, is best captured as follows, “I was no just feeling it, I was responsible for causing the motion that allowed others to feel it.” I believe that while this event like other events has a start and finish, this Football for Hope Festival 2010 will be a solid foundation to inspire the already established Football for Hope movement spear headed by streetfootballworld and FIFA. More especially the memory of this event will be cherished and solidify a collaboration of organizations who have been part and parcel of an event that is a part of a process , a movement , a hope, a dream to see a world where there is equality, freedom and justice for all.
It is my hope that through the Football for Hope Movement authentic social change will emerge, allowing our world to experience social change that is lasting and sustainable. May the work and the future scope of social change possibilities be numerous and amazing, because people choose to really do what we otherwise only dream or envisage but seldom do we realize!