Friday, July 27, 2012

The future

Today I attended a motivational conference for people who are into the field, and work of social entrepeneurship, consulting and training. I am attracted to the notion of the future, and I find myself always caught up in thinking about what's next. The negative side of such an outlook is that one can miss the here and now. Being mindful of my here and now, I can exercise my social understanding and the understanding I gain from the community of trusted social critics, and entrepeneurs that I belong to. With this community of practitioners, and my personal analysis I have the the ability to scenario plan and project trends that the future will bring. Living in my here and now is important, and having a connection to my past is equally important, but I am not to be trapped in my past. Having a sobre connection to the past, a firm acknowledgment of my here and now, I can design, develop, and conceptualize the future that I desire fOR myself, my beloved community and the world in which I live. I am not a victim of my circumstances, as I have been critically and consciously set free from the mind and soul trap of social evils that were by design intended to kill my spirit and the spirit of many other. I commit to projecting, and working toward the future that I desire within a community of people who hold me accountable to being a person of moral code and conduct of excellence,humanity and integrity!