Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reconciliation and Social or Community Change

In the journey of bringing change, for people who maybe change agents and consider ourselves to be movers and shakers in the world of social justice and reconciliation, do we have methodology or approaches, tools, techniques and tricks of the trade to bring about the change we desire in our world's arrange?

Do we influence and advocate? Are we creative in our advocacy? Is our conscience and consciousness clear, or have we sold out to a system that is designed to keep the status quo? Are we creative in our social imagination and pursuit of change? Are we staying connected with people and a community who truly seek to inspire our world through the social interventions, innovations and knowledge they create?

We must continue to dream the dream and envisage the future, for without a prophetic dream and vision our social justice and reconciliation intentions will perish!

Social media networking and its affect on organizations

Youth ranging from 18 to 35 in corporate spaces, universities, high schools, and religious or faith organizations are influenced by social media networking as it relates to their assertiveness and confidence, and their insistence on having the freedom to express their ideas and share their voice!

Organisations committed to being transformational will have to balance the tension that hierarchy presents in and amongst a workforce liberated by social media influences. The two structure reality of hierarchy and social media network will create organisational ruckus and there is greater potential for a disillusioned, and conflicted workforce.

People immersed in social media technology are informed by the culture that the network informs. The social media network cultivates confidence assertiveness and will lead to people insisting on a workplace culture that affords freedom of ideas, and implementation of solutions inspired by those ideas.

Hierarchical organisational leadership structures are advised to strategically establish a revolutionary way of managing the business, in order to maximise the opportunities presented through social media networks, and to engage the future with inspired openness and a maximum benefit for the business and the people.