Friday, August 9, 2013

the FIRE in my life

On this woman's day I am considering - the woman who have in my life made an offering- of service, sacrifice, love- remaining most awesome and wonderfully mind boggling:) I am grateful for my mother- Elenor Joyce Naicker- for the gift of life- and your service of community in the midst of many a social strife. What about all the other mothers?- my big mother, small mother, in law mother, and grand mothers? For all these mothers major gratitude for the giving, loving, spending, and informing of my attitude! I am grateful for my sister, from her early days I cuddled now hug, what a joy to encourage, irritate and to bug! What about all my other sisters-in laws, cousins, and beloved community friends? I am grateful for how you challenge, encourage, and remind me- of the ways of our world and the prejudice that you as a woman can see! I am grateful for my teachers (Dawn Naidoo, Karen McKinney, & Merrishia Singh-Naicker), for the coaching, mentoring, and teaching- that has changed, and revolutionized my life practice and my social change preaching! I am most grateful for the woman of my I love eternal- it is in her arms and with her love- that I remain filled with purpose, passion and motivational- my wifie Merrishia- you are my rock that I will never strike- unless I intend to hit the dock:) I am eternally grateful for my daughter Mahalia- you are truly my strong, tender shining light Khanya. These woman are to me like Fire: They are Fierce They are Inspirational They are Revolutionary They are Enriching To the WOMAN in my life I respect you, honor you, and love you. Thank you for the FIRE that you bring to my life, the lives, of our family, and our community. Viva WOMAN Viva!!!!! Seth Naicker.