Friday, January 31, 2014

Expressing our race related views

Expressing our race related views in this day and age, have become more complex than simple. in the past we could just target the problem and state clearly that Apartheid was the enemy. In our current South Africa we are still to name that social evil that has been causing the continued social divide. Racism is a reality and the fear of the otherness of the other is a societal issue that presses on long way beyond the end of Apartheid and the beginning of our democracy. South Africa requires leadership to take on the re-framing of our nation state identity. In my viewpoint racism prevails in its active and passive forms, but it has become smarter- for even the active racist in mindset has found a way to orient one' self into a polite racist. I believe that the only way forward is to enter into places and spaces of intentional community that exists to deconstruct the construct of a racialised South Africa. We as Madiba would encourage, need to find the common purpose, or as Charles Marsh in reflection of M.L.K. would suggest that we find the common ground. If we don't have inspired leadership and active participators who seek intentional racist free communities, we will keep losing the battle against a constructed social evil, and human natural shortfall to divide and segregate, instead of unite and reconcile. I choose to fight the good fight in my family circles, friendship circles, and broader community circles. In these spaces of reconciliation practice I find success gradual and slow, but the result of seeing racist views expelled, or gender biased views challenged, or xenophobia diminished is worth the work of pursuing intentional, inclusive, and beloved community.

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