Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Requiring responsible political leadership in South Africa's electoral process- by Seth Naicker

While the USA gets ready to inaugurate their first African American president, South Africa is bracing herself for her 4th national democratic election. It is most troubling to see and hear account of the political process thus far, where African National Congress (ANC) supporters, are taking mass action by disrupting the political campaigning of opposition party Congress of the People (COPE) led by Monsuioa Lekota-a former member of the ANC.

It is my hope that ANC leadership will respond decisively and call for ANC supporters to be mindful of our South Africa being a democratic country, where people have a right to share their political views and ideas, even if it is bringing harsh critique to the ANC. Mr.

Jacob Zuma (who is projected to be the next president of South Africa if the ANC wins the national election) has spoken out against activists but must do so consistently, and cannot together with other senior ANC leaders remain inactive-hiding behind a defense that explains 'people cannot be controlled because former ANC leaders are "rubbishing the ANC"'. Bishop Tutu has in his prophetic voice made harsh critique of the ANC and even Thabo Mbeki during his leadership, but no such mass action was enacted or condoned.

South Africa must call for ANC leadership to resist playing political games and standing back in silence when ANC supporters who are clearly Zuma loyalists, are acting in the name of the ANC, and diminishing the time honored practices of an equality for all-inclusiveness ethos and upholding of peoples right to choice, which has been apart of the historic culture of the ANC. People who are acting as Zuma loyalists should gather under a banner that divorces Zuma fanatics from the ANC, for the ANC has never existed based on one personality.

It is my hope that our political process in South Africa, will be open to a fair and free electoral process that honours people's rights to share their political views and ideas without restriction. It is my hope that our leadership will act out of a concern for all our people, pursuing a path of political competition that is transparent, fair and free. It is my hope that people who are Zuma loyalists will refrain and stop proclaiming death threats and their willingness to act violently if Jacob Zuma is not successful in becoming our next president of South Africa.

May our history of oppression, colonialism and slavery remind us that we cannot allow power to corrupt us further when we claim to have achieved democracy.

As Obama was elected through the people's vote, may the people's vote count for the election of our ruling political party and the confirmation of our 4th democratically elected president.
Viva a democratic South Africa for all, the rich and the poor, the young and the old, people of all backgrounds-race, class, gender and religion.

Blessings and 'alutta continua', "la lucha continua," the struggle continues.Shalom, Shanti, La Paz sea contigo, As-Salamu'Alaykum - Peace be upon you!

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Ess said...

Amen Seth,
Elections aren't free if people are intimidated into voting one way or another. We need to listen to one another and take the time to understand each other better if we truly want this to be a better world to live in.