Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Realizing "The Beloved Community" by Seth Naicker

We are blessed to witness this most historic moment. The world celebrates at the realization of president elect Barack Obama.

In some ways we are tasting and realizing a glimpse of 'The Beloved Community'. May the momentum of this auspicious moment encourage leaders and people throughout the world to be the change we seek in our world's arrange.

May we as fellow children of God join along in confessing "Yes we can", but may our confession lead us to action, living out our faith and living for the prophetic 'here and now' as well as the future of 'Realizing the dream' and being the 'The Beloved Community.'
Blessings and 'alutta continua', "la lucha continua," the struggle continues.
Shalom, Shanti, La Paz sea contigo, As-Salamu'Alaykum - Peace be upon you!

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