Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Considering our workplaces!

Where is your workplace? How does it feel? How does it smell? What are the aesthetics, and layout and design of your workplace?

Workplaces vary from high tech to low tech! and even onto no tech environments. Workplaces take the shape of: corporate plush, educational mush, hospital slush, building rush, gardening wush, and domestic push.

Where ever we are at offering our skills, services, and talent in exchange for financial or monetary gain, these places and spaces are our workplaces of life.

The make up and feel of our 21st century workplaces, are advised and encouraged to be places that inspire, motivate and incentivize people to be the best they can be.

Excellence as a value is strategically explored in concern of capital gain, but is further explored for the human capital gain. People who are inspired by their work and inspired to deliver their work, will positively affect the bottom line production or monetary forecasts of any company, industry and institution.

The workplaces of our everyday world require social actors and igniters who have the ability to facilitate and regulate a dynamic and inspirational workplace environment.

How can we take positive steps toward the development of a healthy and inspirational workplace culture?
Will we identify and encourage ambassadors and champions, who have the skill, ability and knowledge to bring about healthy workplaces?

Consider your workplace today and be the change you require in your workplaces' arrange!

Seth Naicker.

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