Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poem: birthday wish for my dear wifie:)

Greetings my beautiful wifie , my darling baby girl Mahalia Khanya, my wonderful baby boy SJ on the way,
and dear family and friends!

Today marks a most ordained day
as Merrishia soaks in the land of her birth -
South Africa
It is a day that God had intended
The 11th of March 1978
It is the birthday of my best friend,
my love, my mentor, and queen
my fine wifie, Merrishia Singh-Naicker

I tell you my Merrishia, ooh she make me quiver
she get my whole mind-soul-heart and liver:)
Yes I tell you - she get me to deliver
on serving God in every endeavour

I have waivered and swayed - yes I have sometime
but Merrishia has always had a word of encouragement right on time
She stepped out with me in living faith
as we pursued our call and God ordained fate

Merrishia has been, is and will forever be
my love, my friend, and voice of guidance for eternity
I know you will join with me in glorious song
singing a birthday wish so loud and strong
Blessings Merrishia, my wife-
your mother, your daughter, your sister, aunty, cousin, friend and niece-
Merrishia child of God who has been anointed and appointed to seize-
a moment to moment walk and talk of faith, hope, love and amazing grace
while acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly in God's embrace

I miss my wifie while she is away with all of our peoples in South Africa our home
and hear I am missing her, my daughter - son on the way- feeling at times quite alone
But in this time of knowing and feeling Merrishia's absence
I express publically- my love and desire for my prophetic queens presence
So my dear wifie enjoy your birthday amongst our community and family
know I love you Merrishia from your head down to your toes- no I'm not acting silly:)
I am just thankful and and grateful for you in my life
your love for our family, friends and community-
heppy heppy birfday- my wifie!!!!!!!!

Your hubbie:)

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swansmith said...

Happy happy birthday Merrishia! Our love to you from all of us here in the "I-pod!"
Love, Suzi (Nelson), BU